Saturday, November 24, 2018

Out with the Old, In with the New

So I've had this old Drupal 6 website setup for since 2009. It was built & designed for a very different time in my career. Back then, I was trying to attract consulting offers via the contact form. Now days, I would not consider consulting. Period. I have more than enough to do at my day job.

My website provider has continued to raise prices on me for the last few years since I needed some kinda "extended PHP 5.2 support". I finally decided to today that I've "had enough". I stopped the website hosting contract and moved my domain to a simple "domain only" contract. I setup a simple page for my basic info and redirect my domain to that now.

Gah, this is so much simpler (and boy, do I love simple). No more mind bending Drupal upgrade jazz to worry about and really, there is nothing to maintain or worry about now. Besides just making sure my is on auto renew, which it is.

I also revamped the theme on this blog. Now, to just develop a more regular blogging habit...