Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Learning Spring

I am officially starting to learn the Spring Framework. Until recently the projects I have been working on have not been using Spring so I had no driving reason to learn it. Since I am so busy with school (WGU) & work there is almost no way I could learn it unless it is involved in one of my projects. Now that I am involved in a project with Spring, it is a great way to learn it.

I am starting to wrap my mind around the central idea of the Spring Framework which is Inversion of Control & Dependency Injection. Now that I'm starting to understand the framework, I realize that it truly is a great idea. In prior development I always had thoughts about the tight coupling between different areas of the application and wished I could do something about it.

Not that Spring wiring isn't cool enough, but Spring also includes some other very cool features such as Data access support, job scheduling, mail support, web flow, etc.

So I'm looking forward to getting a deep understanding of Spring & getting an app working from scratch with Spring.