Friday, April 24, 2009


Wow so I haven't posted in like forever... so much has happened since I last posted... so much saweet new technology learned... it's just to bad I haven't captured all that on here. So one of the saweetest technologies I've been learning recently is the ZK Ajax Framework... if you never heard of it at least check it out!! It makes building dynamic web pages so cool. Primarily it's a presentation layer technology... what Swing is for Desktop J2SE apps, ZK is for J2EE web apps. You can bind ZK components to your Beans very easily, fetch data dynamically as needed, etc. All the server communication is transparent to the developer... you don't have to worry about ANY server communication stuff. Anyway so we are developing an application with this technology and therefore needed a container to run it in. To make a long story short we ended up using Apache webserver & Tomcat together using the AJP protocol. I spent all day today getting it all figured out (trust me it's no walk in the park) but I successfully got Apache & Tomcat working together!! Yah!!

Update: I believe I used this document to get things configured... hopefully that helps.