Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Independent Software Consultant

As of October 2009 I am (drum roll) an Independent Software Consultant. The "Independent" part is because I am not attached to any particular business entity and I will be marketing my skills as an individual. See my website at I have chosen the independent route mainly because I am a full-time student... it's just not possible to hold down a full-time position and still have adequate time to study. I don't know exactly what route I'll take after finishing my degree... it depends on a variety of factors.

As far as work, I have had the privilege of working with some great new clients in the last couple months and have been expanding my skillset much to my delight! :-) Most of my new work in the last couple months has involved the ZK Ajax Framework. Of course I am very pleased being that I am a big supported of ZK (when is the world going to wake up to ZK?!). Here are some new things that I have been delving into: Web services (Axis2,GroovyWS), Spring, and ZK Web Flow.

School (WGU) has been going great as well. I love the competency based model of WGU. I am able to simply study the areas that I am not as familiar with and upon passing some pre-assessment exams I can take the final exam and move on. Currently I am scheduled to take my first 2 exams next week. Hopefully all goes well. :-)

Overall I have more than enough to do. Between juggling projects and studying as much as possibly there sure is plenty to do.