Friday, October 2, 2009

WGU is good stuff!!

Well yesterday I started on my BS in Information Technology degree program with Western Governors University and I must say I'm very impressed! Everything is very straightforward and intuitive. I started with the required first course for all new students which is called Education Without Boundaries (EWB). It was a very informative course (I completed it today) which gives you a ton of information about the school, study strategies, time management skills, etc.

WGU has created a very good environment for learning. You are assigned a mentor for your entire time there and also have mentors for the individual course you study. There are communities where you can meet other students, ask questions or whatever you feel like. WGU even has their own instant messenger to communicate with other students, mentors, and to join into live discussions. You have access to tons of information, books, articles, magazines, you name it. You can get books sent to you on loan. Something I found very cool was you can get access to lot's of software for cheap or free. For example I can get Windows 7 Pro for $30!

All in all even though independent learning is not for everybody, I think a lot of people could find the WGU experience enjoyable.

Stay tuned... I intend to continue to blog about my educational experience as I study with WGU.